‘You can’t help but be aware of the beauty and power of the sea when you come to Porthleven, and also of the rich bounty that it perennially yields to those intrepid fisherman who brave its wrath.’

Michael Caines

Dine by the sea in Britain’s southernmost port

Welcome to the Harbourside Refuge by Michael Caines, located in Porthleven, the southernmost port on the mainland of Great Britain. Its protected harbour was originally created as a safe haven for sea vessels travelling along the beautiful yet rugged south Cornish coast. Here, Michael Caines has created a safe haven for all lovers of food and drink who choose to make their way to this idyllic spot in fine weather or foul. When the sun is shining, there is truly no where more beautiful on earth; and when the sea is rough, the waves breaking on the harbour wall, there is no where in the UK more dramatic and suggestive.

Michael invites you to discover this magical spot to sample and enjoy his acclaimed, informal foods and cuisine throughout the day and evening. Please feel free to pop in for coffee and a pâtisserie, breakfast, lunch & dinner or for a drink in the bar area.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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