Porthleven Negroni – Summer Cocktail Recipe

Porthleven Negroni

Summer is fast approaching and we’re never short on ideas for delicious cocktails that’ll keep you cool as the temperatures rise.

Picture it – the sun is blistering, the tunes are blaring, you’ve got your feet up in the back garden with the subtle yet pleasant smell of barbecued food making your mouth water and you have a delicious negroni in hand to keep dehydration at bay. “But how do you make a negroni?” you may ask. We’re here to share our top-secret recipe with you!


25ml Porthleven gin

20ml Campari

15ml Martini

20ml Gomme syrup

Orange segments to garnish


Fill a Shu Fa Tumbler to the brim with ice.

Delicately pour in the shots of gin, campari, martini and syrup.

Use a cocktail mixer to generously stir the concoction, being careful not to spill any of the mixture.

Thinly slice some orange segments and place them on top.

Add more ice if need be and serve!

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