Supporting Our Local Charities

Here at The Harbourside Refuge, we like to do all we can to support local charities and fundraise for good causes to help those in our community.

Since last July, along with our sister restaurant The Cove in Maenporth, we have supported three charities that are particularly close to our heart. The first being The Fisherman’s Mission, a fantastic cause that has been around for almost 140 years, helping those who suffered injuries in fishing accidents and providing emergency assistance to families of fisherman who have been injured or lost at sea. As a business that is situated in a small fishing port, we experience the benefits and heavily rely on the fishing industry in Cornwall to provide us with our seafood produce. Our fish dishes are often top sellers and we want to do our utmost to support a cause that helps those who are an integral part of our business. 

Our second charity of choice is the RNLI, a group that is powered primarily on donations with 95% of the team being volunteers. Having been established for nearly 200 years, they help to save the lives of those having trouble at sea. They’re vital in keeping us and our customers safe and the education they provide through their youth program and water safety work is extremely valuable to our community. 

Last but not least is The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, a charity that was chosen because of the incredible level of care and help they have brought to our staff as well as the local community in their hour of need. Any donations they receive go towards the training of more nurses, specialist equipment and diagnosing and treating patients at a quicker rate. 

Within a year, along with The Cove, we have raised over £2500 for all three charities and intend to split the funds by donating £1000 to The Fisherman’s Mission, £1000 to The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust and £500 to the RNLI. If you want to try your hand at fundraising for these wonderful causes or wish to donate, please check out their websites. 

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